Building Surveying Services

We are a registered firm with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with over forty years experience in providing surveying services.  Our team of locally based surveyors have an inherent knowledge of the geometry of the south-east of England, comprising individuals with extensive experience of working in construction consultancy.   With offices in Halstead and Loughton we are ideally based to service the needs of clients in London and the surrounding counties.

If you are taking out a mortgage to purchase a property you are probably aware that your bank, or mortgage provider may undertake a lender valuation, but you should note this isn’t a survey, it is a limited check on the property to ensure that it is worth the money they are lending you.  There may be problems in the property that could cost a substantial amount to put right, but this information will not appear in the valuation report.  We would recommend that you have some form of survey undertaken and we provide three options for survey reports, each with varying degrees of detail.

Home Condition Report (limited detail)

A Home Condition Report contains information about the physical condition of various common elements of a property which you will be able to rely on legally as an accurate report. However, you should note that unlike a survey it does not contain advice and it is purely a description of the condition of the property.

Homebuyers Survey Report (medium detail)

A Homebuyer Survey and Valuation, or Homebuyer’s Report is a survey completed to a standard format set out by the RICS. It is suitable for conventional properties which are in reasonable condition with minimum risk. You should note it doesn’t detail every aspect of the property and only focuses on urgent matters needing attention.

Building Survey or Structural Survey (Comprehensive detail)

A full building survey is a comprehensive inspection and accompanying report on a property, examining all accessible parts and elements. You may also request to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you have about the building. It is a detailed analysis and will pick up any defects in the building, making recommendations and listing associated remedial costs that may be used for negotiation purposes.  Please note a Building Survey report does not include a valuation, but should you wish this service can be provided.

The scope of the survey will examine the existing services and systems within the property and the report may recommend that certain elements such as the electrical or heating system be tested by accredited engineers to establish their functionality.

Reports contain annotated photographs of the specific areas examined and are written in lay terms to allow easy comprehension.


Regardless of the report format, once instructed we follow the following programme:

  1. Contact Estate Agents / vendor to arrange access to carry out the inspection. We endeavor for this to be within 7 days from instruction (subject to agreement with the vendor).
  2. Carry out inspection
  3. Email you within 24 hours of undertaking the inspection providing an overview of the surveyor’s initial findings.  Please note, in the event that we discover a defect that results in the purchase of the property falling through, you may opt to cancel the preparation of the final report with a 50% fee reduction.
  4. We endeavor to publish the final report as an electronic PDF within ten days of receiving written confirmation to proceed following the initial findings. Please note this is subject to the service chosen, as well as the size, location and type of property.  Final timescales are to be agreed upon receiving instructions.
  5. Issue hard copies of final report to client and/or solicitor accompanied by an invoice for our services to date.